Why Virtual Learning

Real-time, interactive distance learning uses technology to replace or augment the traditional, physical classroom setting. It offers nearly unlimited flexibility in scheduling class sessions during the regular school day or after hours to offer maximum convenience for administrators, faculty and students. It can also help reach students with limited access to the school, such as those with physical limitations or living in remote locations. And it can be utilized in a wide range of situations including individual students, groups and classes, standalone courses, support for existing courses, review sessions, and short-term learning experiences.

The Dynamics Education Center Virtual Classroom offers convenience, flexibility, effectiveness, affordability and interactivity. A T2 communications line supports consistent, high-quality transmission using topnotch video and audio equipment. For schools, the system is very economical and requires only a local computer, screen and webcam in place of sophisticated video conferencing or other expensive technology.

The Dynamics Education Center approach combines three elements for a virtual solution that motivates students, increases learning and can decrease delivery time of the material:

  • Innovative, interactive, video/audio-based e-learning platform
  • Proprietary “Master Keys” teaching methodology
  • Highly dynamic, entertaining and engaging teaching style

And to further support our Virtual Classroom students, we provide easy access on our website to full video class recordings, animation/voice presentations for review, and materials like workbooks and sample tests.